Following the Script Too Closely

[There’s a video bonus with today’s Note. See the PS. -m.e.]

“You’re good at {insert school topic here}, you should be a {insert some well-admired job here}.” “This is the typical career path in this industry.” “That’s how everybody does it? Oh. Okay.” “To pursue my dream I have to take a serious pay cut.”

If we follow the script too closely, our work and lives will fall rather short of meaningful.

Mix it up. Go for whatever propels and supports you. Our world is plenty big and rich enough to accommodate you.


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PS: Watch this 1-minute video that Alex Gladwell at Rainbow Scontayo created. It’s of me riffing on this idea. Also via YouTube or Facebook. Thanks, Alex!

Today’s photo credit: “My right to choose. Perhaps my very life.” via photopin (license)

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