Grander, Kinder, Richer, Happier

Someone recently asked, “What is the most difficult thing for a person to change?” I said, “The hardest thing for a person to change is his or her belief about who he or she is.”

We usually see ourselves as doing pretty well in some areas of our lives. And in other areas, we limit ourselves. We think we are quite small in these areas or we pretend we are big for fear we may be quite small.

Try imagining, instead, that you are grander, kinder, calmer, smarter, richer, better-looking, happier, and healthier than you think you are now. Imaging that you have all the time and friends and resources you would ever need. Imagine that life is an exciting adventure.

How did that feel?

However long you can maintain those thoughts grand will tell you how tightly you hold to not-so-helpful beliefs about who you are. How good it felt to imagine yourself as grander should give you all the energy you need to change those beliefs.


In your corner,



PS: What if I insisted you were smarter, happier, etc. than you thought you were? OK, then, I insist.


Today’s photo credit: goron via photopin cc

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