In A World…


In a world–heck, even in an organization or family–where things are tense, chaotic, stagnant, or dim, we can lose sight of things.

Yet beyond, beneath, or behind

Left or right,
Hawk or dove,
Boss or subordinate,
Subways or streetcars,
Right or wrong,
Good or bad,
Old or new,

there are always love, growth, freedom, and happiness.

Let’s focus on having more of these for us and for the people we lead, influence, sell to, work with, and live with. The rest will work out fine.


In your corner,


PS: Start by asking, “What would make me happier, really?” Next, “What would make them happier, really?” Then, “What can we do so that we both win here?”

PPS: We may be tempted to say something like, “This is soft, touchy-feely stuff!” If we do it’s because we never have tried it. If we had, we would have seen how titanium-hard (as in results and as in effortful) this really is.


Today’s photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc

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