long time

How Long?

Who says it takes a lot of time? Where is it written that having what you want will take a long time? […]

Expect It – Refined

I am grateful to a reader of yesterday’s Note (“expect that what you want will arrive”) because she helped me refine my […]

Yes, that chip. Can I have it?

Expect It

Expect what you want. It feels super when you do. It also has that funny way of helping what you want to […]


When we experience a disappointment, we often tell ourselves stories to ease the blow. We may tell ourselves how the world is […]

waving foamy sea water near sandy shore

It Flows Back Your Way

Think about what you would like more of from others. Would you want a little respect? To be heard or to be […]

Get What You Want

Quick: What do you really want right now? Good. What was the very next thought that popped into your head after you […]


Here’s something weird: you get what you deep-down expect you will get. This is true for objects and outcomes. Here’s something else […]