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When we experience a disappointment, we often tell ourselves stories to ease the blow. We may tell ourselves how the world is a struggle and how we aren’t lucky or deserving. The problem with this, of course, is that we believe our stories. That any avenue of exploration didn’t provide you what you wanted says […]

It Flows Back Your Way

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Think about what you would like more of from others. Would you want a little respect? To be heard or to be given some of their time? How about honesty, openness, or withholding of judgement? Maybe it’s trust, love, or kindness? Or accommodation of your preferences every once in a while? No matter what it […]

Get What You Want

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Quick: What do you really want right now? Good. What was the very next thought that popped into your head after you thought of something you want? You might have hoped that what you want will happen. You may have worried about when, how, or if it will happen. Perhaps you thought about the things […]


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Here’s something weird: you get what you deep-down expect you will get. This is true for objects and outcomes. Here’s something else that is weird: when you are used to expecting that a thing will not work out–that you will not get the object or outcome you wish,  flipping (or laddering) to the thought that […]