Change can appear so hard that we often will do anything to avoid it. Stagnation happens inside organizations from this fear of change. Come to think of it, stagnation anywhere indicates we are telling ourselves fearful stories about what might happen if things change.

Once we do change, we can feel lost, be unsure of ourselves, and want to turn back to the way things were.

But change is only hard because we believe the stories we tell ourselves about how the change threatens our happiness, growth, and freedom. We can raise our buzz. We can tell ourselves better, believable stories anchored in a better, richer, more delightful future of our choosing.

Then, watch out! Once we so reframe change, we will seek it out and do it well.


In your corner,


PS: We will also coach others to change. Having gone through it ourselves, we will better understand them, their situation, and how they can proceed.

Today’s photo credit: David King cc

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