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Why Wouldn’t You?

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What if every thought was a self-fulfilling prophecy? What if every notion, judgment, or idea you had would eventually become a reality? If it was true but you were not aware of it, your life might appear sort of random. Positive, good-feeling thoughts about what you want and negative, yucky-feeling ones about what you don’t […]


Happiness Ain’t…

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Being happy does not mean looking at something that is not working and then putting on a wan smile. It is not about humbly accepting crap like a martyr or putting a bandaid over whatever has you upset, fearful, angry, sad, etc. It’s not about getting happy and holding onto it for dear life. And […]


Really, Really, Over-the-Moon Happy

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What if I were to ask you, “What would make you really, really, over-the-moon happy?” What would you say? Would you say something like “having all the money I need,” “being able to spend more time with family and friends,” “to have my business be a success,” “to restore and maintain my health,” “to be […]

Fortune Smiles

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They say that Fortune smiles on the lucky or the ready. Fortune and her sisters Love, Freedom, Health, and Happiness smile on you. Your job is to let them in by running your thoughts away from what’s wrong. Smile! In your corner, Mike

Happiness Is Not The Goal

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As we prepare to enjoy some holiday or end-of-year festivities, it is important to remember something about happiness. Happiness is not a goal or result of our effort. Happiness is a state we can enter or not, at will. When we see it as a result, we strive and struggle. We say, “If I do […]