Whistle While You Work

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We would be much happier, healthier, and wealthier if we gave up doing stuff today to make us happy tomorrow. Happiness is here, now, inside of us. Our task is to choose to let it out, to whistle while we work, and to feel good (or at least a wee bit better) now.   In your corner, Mike […]

Happiness is...

Happiness Is…

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Happiness is something we can be or not be at this moment. We create happiness. We can choose to feel good now, regardless of circumstances, or not. No amount of doing, sacrificing, or plotting can deliver the happiness we seek. No amount of moaning, worrying, or hating will help either. As we start this week, […]


There is Only One Reason Why

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What do you most want right now? And why do you want it? And why is that? And why is that? (et cetera)   If we keep asking, “Why?,” we will eventually land on, “Because I want to feel happy.” Whatever we want, we want it so that we can feel happy. Beyond this, there […]


In A World…

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In a world–heck, even in an organization or family–where things are tense, chaotic, stagnant, or dim, we can lose sight of things. Yet beyond, beneath, or behind Left or right, Hawk or dove, Boss or subordinate, Subways or streetcars, Right or wrong, Good or bad, Old or new, there are always love, growth, freedom, and happiness. […]

toward the sun

The Direction You Face Matters A Lot

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“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman There are things that we have wanted for a while and have not yet received. They have eluded us because we’ve been facing the shadows. We seem to think that the way to happiness is to master the shadows: getting great at […]