Juicy Goodness

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Within each of us is a wealth of juicy goodness. As leaders, a big part of our job is to recognize, name, nurture, and deploy that goodness–our team’s and our own.   In your corner, Mike PS: How to begin? Get good at seeing it in everyone including you. photo credit: slices via photopin (license)


Before Jumping Into Action Today

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Just a quick reminder to pause before jumping into action today: take time to find thoughts that physically feel good to think. Spend about 5 minutes. When we do, we become more resilient and will have a more productive day. Bonus: our good-feeling approach will rub off on everyone else making their day and our day even better. Simple, yes? […]


What Delegation Really Means

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Delegation does not mean simply handing over a task. Nor does it mean getting other people to do a task the way we would. It means setting up an environment where they can do it better then we can. This includes setting the standards or measures of success (“Here’s how we’ll know you’ve done it […]


The Right-Wrong Maelstrom

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“I am right and you are wrong,” is a pervasive, destructive subtext in many of our conversations at work and home. We fight each other, sometimes in very clever ways, just to avoid being wrong. It’s a big problem that tends to drag us down and down. I have seen it rot individual relationships, harm […]


Delegate, Kind Leader

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Show me someone who is underperforming and I’ll show you someone who very, very likely has not been given clear parameters for success, real-time feedback, coaching, and training, or the time and space to try, fail, learn, and succeed. Delegate, kind leader, delegate.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Mario Klingemann cc


Don’t Be Seduced By The Cruel

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No matter what you hear or read in the news, the world is getting better and better. But, you might ask, aren’t there atrocities? Isn’t there great suffering? What about all the destruction? Isn’t there war, corruption, malfeasance, murder, and mayhem? And what about my own struggles? Doesn’t all this horribleness count? Yes. And none […]


For Big Change, Ignore the Naysayers

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If we want to influence a big change, we need not spend much time trying to convince the naysayers, the haters, the opponents. They will change or not. And they are only a minority. Instead, we concentrate on the lovers, the crew, the vanguard. They are also a minority. But once they are inspired, we can help this minority create […]


Meaning of it All and the Poet

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At work, at home, and in general, we sometimes need to know the meaning of it all. (So, here goes…) We walk through the apparently very real, engrossing, confusing, and painful-and-pleasureful landscape of life. As we do, we struggle. Then, slowly, with the careful and gentle help of the The Poet, we become aware that existence is more than […]


When You Avoid Your Task List

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We often avoid or even abandon our tasks lists because they get too full. We’ve stuffed them with things we could, should, hafta, or wanna do. And now they sit there, reminders of what we haven’t yet completed. Ugh. No wonder we avoid them. But that avoiding is costly. It takes lots of mental and […]