Come At Your Goals from Above

high note

If singers try to hit a very high note by reaching up with their voices, they will likely stretch, squeeze, and strain. They are afraid that they will not hit the note. If they hit it, it won’t be pretty or fun. Instead, singing coaches encourage singers to hit the highest notes by coming at the note from above, that is, by preparing to hit an even higher note then confidently landing on the desired note.

We can apply this lesson in our goals for this year. It’s easier to hit a desired goal by preparing to hit an even higher one.


In your corner,


PS: Looking forward to hearing your songs of success this year.

PPS: The sages have always maintained that it is easier to make $10 million than $100,000.

PPPS: I am not encouraging “stretch goals.” Those are stress-inducing, feel-bad forms of torture. They come from the bottom, like the non-confident singer. Feel good and prepare for a bigger success. You will hit your desired note and may even succeed further than you had imagined you could.


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