Give Yourself This Gift


Imagining is another tool to help raise our buzz.

Start each day imagining what it will feel like when you have whatever it is that you have been after. Sit quietly and tell yourself a story about what it will be like and how it will feel. Focus on the results and allow yourself to feel what it will feel like. Set aside every thought about how the results will happen or what might prevent those results.

Five minutes each morning is more than enough.  If you can’t manage five, start with two and build up. It will feel great (as raising your buzz always does) and give you a lasting boost into your day.

Give yourself this gift.


In your corner,


PS: Try it for a week and see.

PPS: You can do anything for a week, ya?

PPPS: Pick a consistent time each day such as before emails, after shower, before getting out of bed, or after breakfast.


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