The Wrong Approach to Marketing That Almost Everyone Uses

There is a wrong way to market ourselves or our company and a right way.

The wrong way is to describe ourselves and our product’s or service’s features, functions, and benefits. Example: “We are the leading, global provider of kitchen tools including our award-winning turnip twanglers. Committed to excellence, we produce high-quality, low-cost tools such as our new Twanglers 2.0 featuring our patented turbo turnip topper.” Read 100 company websites and at least 80 will use some form of this “why we’re so great” approach. Ugh.

The right way is to say how we help our clients move closer to happiness by getting past the obstacles that they encounter and that we are good at surmounting. Example: “We help chefs of very busy kitchens who enjoy making great food for their clients but whose team spends too much time preparing ingredients. They end up rushed and chaotic every night. We help by training the sous chef team to streamline their preparation routines and by introducing our line of chef-designed prep tools.”

Clients first.


In your corner,


PS: This isn’t just being nice. Starting with our clients’ values and concerns matches the way they want to explore and eventually buy products and services.

Today’s photo credit: Rosa Say cc

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