Leadership Diagnostic and Prescription


If we so choose, we can be good leaders (whether we have a leadership title or not). In addition to getting good at using the 4 Ways, we good leaders need to know that we are doing a good job. Here are the signs that tell us we are.

  1. The organization (or our part of it) has clear, compelling, and commonly-understood goals and mission.
  2. We and all the team members regularly generate win-win results for ourselves, each other, the organization, the clients and partners, and everyone else who matters. Politics are minimal; results are strong.
  3. We and all team members generally have a high-buzz (and here and here). We choose thoughts to think that move us toward success.
  4. The organization has a reliable, effective rhythm of activities. We get stuff done in a natural flow with little delay or fire-fighting. The systems, processes, meetings, planning, and task tracking tools help us execute well.

We can use this list as a diagnostic and a prescription.


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