Crafting Great Marketing Messages

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The typical marketing message–website, brochure, ad, pitch, elevator speech–tells us all about the organization and how great it is. Or it lists the features, functions, and benefits of the organizations products or services. Then it asks us to buy. A great marketing message proves that the organization understands a challenge (or opportunity) we face, honors us, and […]


Is your marketing “meh” or magic?

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Marketing “meh” is a website or other medium–written mostly in first- or third-person–that describes our value and why we are special. The goal is to “soften” people’s resistance and then, if we are lucky, convince them to buy something from us. Marketing meh is transactional. Marketing magic is written mostly in second person. It describes […]


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Credibility comes from credentials, references/referrals, marketing, and self. Your honest belief about yourself is most important. Your marketing–done well with empathy–and references/referrals are next most important. Unless you are in a regulated profession (physician, for example), credentials matter only in rare circumstances and are over hyped. Use the education that would grant you a credential […]