What To Do When What You Want Is Out of Reach

Ever have that feeling that something you want seems out of reach? It could be anything large or small, in your personal or work life. And no matter what you try, you can’t figure out how to make it happen.

Yeah? Me, too. 🙂

Try this: write a story about how it finally came true. Imagine you are reporting from the future. You received the thing you’ve been wanting. It was wildly successful. Write that story.

It could be anywhere from a paragraph to a page or more in length. Include any detail–how easy it was, who helped, what it means for you and others, what the after party looked like–that you would also love to be true. Don’t worry about grammar or impossibilities. If you get stuck, see if you can notice the “yeah but” that is stopping you. Or post a question here. I’ll help.

Once you’ve written your story, set it aside for a day or two. Then read it out loud to yourself and anyone else whose opinion you trust. And post here what you notice as a result of this exercise. I promise you’ll be surprised.


To your continued success,


PS: Please pass this along to anyone else who could use it. My guess is that many people would appreciate it.
PPS: If you’re not surprised at the end of this exercise, let me know that, too.

2 thoughts on “What To Do When What You Want Is Out of Reach

  1. I’m going to try this, Mike – I have a feeling it is going to work, and will let you know! Brilliant, simple strategy …(I’ll save more detailed comments for later, after it’s done!


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