The Hard Way and the Simple Way

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Pushing ourselves and others is the long, hard way. The fast, simple way is have a compelling goal, a high-buzz-quietly-assured outlook, a commitment to win-win, and a calm flow of inspired activity. The reason we keep losing track of this is that the former merely seems faster and simpler.   In your corner, Mike PS: Because pushing […]


Excuse This Interruption

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We interrupt your work day to bring you this special message. All that stress you’re running and all those tasks you’re doing right now? How’s that feeling? Right. It is awful. And how effective are you? Not as effective as you could be without the stress, yes? So, pause. Take this moment to just feel good. […]

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How to Deal with Haftadoos

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We resist tasks that we think we have to do. We resist because none of us wants to be told what to do. Yet we somehow feel obligated when others ask. As with anything we resist, wresting with these haftadoos wastes our time and drains our energy. Of course, we are happiest and feel most productive […]

Get More Productive with Well-Formed Tasks

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When we come across a poorly-formed task on our task list, we either slow down to figure out what to do or just skip it because it looks too hard. Examples of poorly formed tasks include, “Tuvalu account,” “TPS report,” and most every email in our inboxes right now. Poorly-formed tasks stall our productivity. A […]

Are Your Productive?

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Not so good: “I am productive when others agree that I am.” This includes staying late at work just to be one of the last ones out. It also includes anything driven by guilt, pressure, or critique. Tough to achieve, ya? Very good: “I am productive when I deliver the results I commit to myself […]

Enough of Productivity and Efficiency

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“Productivity” and “efficiency” are words that describe how we work, do tasks, get stuff done. Both words focus on increasing output per unit of resource. Fun, eh? Let’s instead focus on “effectiveness.” It includes efficiency and adds judgment, balance, and a focus on overall desired results. To your continued success, Mike

The Universal Productivity Trap

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Take a moment. Notice the big pile of tasks you have to do. Go ahead, take a look. I’ll wait. What happened? Look closely because it was likely fast and subtle. Though the sequence of thoughts and emotions you had is unique to you, you probably landed on one of two common reactions. You either […]

How are you feeling?

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“How are you doing?” “How are you feeling?”  “How’s it going?” Though these questions are part of our common greetings to each other, they are also an unusually important questions to consider more deeply. That’s because how you feel, how you’re doing, how it’s going–in short, your mood–dramatically affects your success. Your mood is the sum of […]

Two Simple Habits for the Ultra-Busy

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How is your week going? No, really. How is it going? On a scale from “Calm waters, smooth sailing” to “Rough Chop” to “Gale” to “Tempest”, how effectively are you sailing through your week? Chances are that most of you—most of the time—will say, “Gale,” “Tempest,” or “What word do you have for something worse […]