An Unusual Productivity Boost

Here is a rather unusual productivity boost that takes just 2 minutes per day: set simple, quiet bedtime and waking up buzz-raising routines.

Each night before falling asleep, take a minute. Review what you appreciated that day. You may think of anything–an accomplishment, a happy thought, a kindness, a win–or several things, big or small. Then imagine how you want to wake up in the morning. For instance, you might want to awake calm, sure, happy, and ready to go.

Each morning when you wake up–in that moment before the weight of your emails, problems, and tasks hit you–take a minute. Recall how you wanted to wake up today. Then think of how you want to live this day. For example: ready, discerning, happy, and caring.

These two minutes do wonders for your productivity by setting the stage for better sleep, focus, and energy.


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Today’s photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center cc

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