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We hobble our strategies with our fears. For fear of something we don’t even want to consider–we don’t even want to feel— we tie ourselves and our strategies in knots. If your strategies are knotted, complex, and somehow not very compelling, then you may want to go back and unpack what you fear. In your […]



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Sometimes we compete on price not value. Sometimes we attribute the basest of motivations to others and similarly justify our own slide. Sometimes, when we notice what others are doing, we withhold, we protect, we do the minimum, we go through the motions, we complain. Sometimes we race to the bottom where we all lose. […]

Fear or Love

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There are two ways of thinking about anything. You can look at it from the perspective of fear. Or you can look at it from the point of view of love. One feels bad and leaves you trying to figure out how to control things, make or prevent things from happening. The other feels good […]

They Struggle, Too

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One clue to working or conversing with almost anyone: despite appearances, they struggle and fear just like we all do. When we recognize this we open the doors to our compassion and formerly awkward, strained, or difficult conversations become easy. In your corner, Mike

Debugging Delegation

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There are four reasons people fail to delegate when they should. They Fear doing it incorrectly. “I don’t know what to delegate or how to delegate. What if I screw it up?” Fear being the boss. “If I tell them what to do, then they’ll think I’m being a bossy know-it-all and that’s bad. I […]