Wantrepreneur Cure

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Wantrepreneurs are people who deeply desire to start a business but don’t.

Fear is the main obstacle. We worry whether our idea is right, if we can navigate all the details, how we’ll make enough money, and what will happen if we fail.

There is cure for wantrepreneurism; you can start a business. The cure has four steps.

First, raise your buzz. You must feel good before you act. Make raising your buzz a daily habit.

Second, make sure the product or service you would offer matches your SweetSpot. Your SweetSpot includes what you’re good at, what you care about, and your needs for income and security. It also includes the types of problems that other people (or groups of people) experience that you find compelling and that they would pay to solve.

Third, get help. Don’t go it alone. You need not have partners or employees to start. Do beg, buy, or barter the help of others. Even before your start, grow and connect with your network to get the insight, support, and guidance you’ll need.

Fourth, start small and grow. Most ventures can start with little money and just a few hours per week. Test your ideas, learn from the tests, adjust, and repeat.


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PS: Yes, starting a business is more complex than that. But to get past wantrepreneurism and start your business, you need only these four steps.

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