Why It’s Better Move On


When something unwanted happens or when someone does something we don’t like, we tend to get upset. We read the Riot Act. We make sure everyone knows about how bad things are and who we think is to blame.

We do this because we think it will help. We feel justified in our protest and keenly motivated to keep at it. While we are in it, we think that not protesting is the same as agreeing with whatever we have disliked.

Not that it helps, mind you. The longer we focus on our displeasure, the further we get from solutions to whatever we’re upset about. Our upset keeps us in bad feelings. It lowers our ability to think the creatively. And it alienates those who would otherwise be perfectly ready to help us resolve the problems.

Let’s move on instead. The sooner we can get out of complaint, the sooner we can get into better feeling and productive solution.


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Today’s photo credit: greensnapper2013 via photopin cc

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