Don’t Try to Understand Why When You Feel Bad


Feeling bad detracts from our productivity and enjoyment of work and home life. We don’t think as well. We make bad assumptions and decisions. Tempting as it may be, we don’t really help ourselves much by trying to discover why we feel bad when we do.

We may look outside to what we think life and others have done to make us feel bad. Or we may look inside at how our habits, “flaws,” or “nature” make us feel bad. Either way, we won’t find satisfying answers that will help us feel better. That’s because the logic we apply when we are feeling bad is convoluted and insufficient. And any focus on feeling bad just prolongs our bad feelings. Yuck.

Far better to just raise our buzz and feel good, first, without explanations. From that better-feeling state, our logic will clear and any insights we have will be productive. And our work and home lives will benefit immensely.


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