Hire Better People By First Interviewing The Job


Too many hiring decisions fail because, lacking reasonable tools, we make guesses about what sort of person we need to hire and who might fit those criteria.

Instead of guessing, here’s an approach that helps quite a lot: let’s interview the job itself before we interview the candidates for the job. Of course, the job can’t speak. But a representative group of (5 to 7) people who know the job can speak for it.

We start by describing how we will know that the job is being done well. A short list (3 to 5 statements) of measurable outcomes works perfectly. Then we determine what small set of qualities (i.e. what talents, motivators, and style) in a person are needed for that person to best generate those results.

Once we know what the job needs, we can interview and select candidates based on those criteria. No guessing.


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