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  • Top 5 Hiring Errors

    Top 5 Hiring Errors

    To hire well, we want to ask the question,”Will this person fit, contribute, and perform well here?” But there are five common hiring errors that get in our way. 1. Hiring for skills. Hiring someone based, in part, on their technical skills (e.g. proficient in Ruby on Rails, knowledge of regulatory environments, budgeting) is actually […]

  • Hire Better People By First Interviewing The Job

    Hire Better People By First Interviewing The Job

    Too many hiring decisions fail because, lacking reasonable tools, we make guesses about what sort of person we need to hire and who might fit those criteria. Instead of guessing, here’s an approach that helps quite a lot: let’s interview the job itself before we interview the candidates for the job. Of course, the job…

  • The Best and Worst Ways to Describe a Role

    The Best and Worst Ways to Describe a Role

    “Fit” is such an important driver for people and need for organizations. Everyone–from the big boss to the mail room clerk–in every organization–from the largest multi-national to a sole proprietor–needs to understand where she fits and how she contributes to the organization. The worst way to define a role is with a job description. A…

  • Effectiveness Habit #5: Know Why

    The weight of all your tasks can wear you down. Build resilience and feel good with today’s habit: Effectiveness Habit #5: Know Why It’s all too easy to get lost and disheartened in the day-to-day. When we do, we’ve lost sight of what we’re really shooting for and why. Knowing the big picture and knowing…