We Are All In Sales

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In his book, To Sell Is Human, Dan Pink tells us we are all salespeople now. Regardless of our roles, we each must convince people to part with resources including time, attention, effort, and money. This can be scary. Dan asked people about the words “selling” and “sales.” Most of them conjured an image of a […]


You Can’t Solve Team Conflicts

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We have all seen conflict arise between team members. In many cases, resolution is quick. Sometimes, though, the conflict gets personal. The affected team members complain vocally about or quietly sabotage each other. They form alliances. Simple decisions become “federal cases.” Work grinds to a crawl. Fun evaporates. Everyone suffers. People then look to us, […]


Differences and Leadership

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“All people are equal because they are born and die in the same way. You can only be rich if you gather around you people who are less rich. You can only be powerful if others [play the role of being] less powerful. You must respect others because without them you are nothing.” – Rokia […]


No One Wants To Be Told

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You can tell others, “Do this,” and receive something between reluctant compliance and outright resistance in return. No one wants to be told what to do. Or you can ask others, “How do we achieve this outcome?” You will receive in return their good ideas and engagement. In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: […]



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You may set Large, Nutty, Impossible Goals for yourself, as long as they feel good. They can help you generate surprising and welcome successes. Tempting as it may be, you cannot set such goals for others, though. That would be outrageous. Setting goals for others only fosters resistance, feigned helplessness, disengagement, and distraction. They may […]

out the door

Push People to Make Them Go

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..out the door. People want to do well. Where we have consistently poor performance and turnover in a team, we must look at our own practices as leaders and the cultural norms that have set in. After a while, we have to admit that it can’t keep being their fault. Harsh. Real. And completely fixable. […]

Four Types of Decision Makers

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When making a decision, some people need to see that you have thought it through and given them some choices of solutions (and not merely a description of the problem). Some people need to know they are liked and to talk out loud about the situation and possibilities before making a decision. Some people need […]


Say What You Notice

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No matter how we may deny it, we totally can sense another person’s emotions. And we usually do a poor job responding to what we sense. We tiptoe or navigate around their emotions. We ignore them or plow through them. We do all that because we don’t want to feel their emotions (they feel quite […]

Be a Powerful Leader

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A forceful leader defends her vulnerabilities and discounts her people’s capabilities. All that remains available to her to get things done is some form of shoving. A powerful leader has no need to defend and believes more in others’ capabilities than even they themselves do. As a result, lots of good work gets done. From […]