Success is as Simple as This

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A major indicator of success anywhere is whether you really believe you will succeed. The problem is that most of us have the subtle habit (that is, you might not be completely aware of it) of thinking that it won’t work out. And oddly, that’s what happens: we don’t succeed. Some of us have the […]

Broken Maps

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Stephen Covey, in his famous book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said, “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are–or, as we are conditioned to see it.” As this quote hints, we believe that what we see in the world and in ourselves are true. They are not. They […]

Believe It More Than They Do

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To lead, coach, teach, parent, influence, or sell, you can study lots of techniques. And I recommend you do. To do these very well, cultivate your belief in others. Develop such a strong belief in each person’s abilities, potential, and future successes–even before you see any evidence–that they begin to believe it, too.   To […]


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Credibility comes from credentials, references/referrals, marketing, and self. Your honest belief about yourself is most important. Your marketing–done well with empathy–and references/referrals are next most important. Unless you are in a regulated profession (physician, for example), credentials matter only in rare circumstances and are over hyped. Use the education that would grant you a credential […]

Blind To It

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Show me any struggle–major or minor, personal or in your organization–and I’ll show you blindness. The solutions, the road out, the way forward are simple, solid, and real. But blindness to them–an unintentional bias–maintains the struggle. This blindness comes from adherence to beliefs about the world, others, and self that may have worked or served […]

Believe anything

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Here’s a thought that can really help when you want results in business and life that have been thus far elusive: You have the absolutely inalienable right to believe anything you choose. You can choose to believe that the moon is made of cheese. You can choose to believe that this politician is better than […]

Real change is fast, not slow.

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How Long Does it Take? How long does it take… …to turn around the culture of an organization? …to find your ideal career? …to reform a criminal, change the dynamics in your family, turnaround a business, change a habit? achieve peace in the land,or have balance and satisfaction in your life? Months? Years? Lifetimes? Strings […]