Blind To It

Show me any struggle–major or minor, personal or in your organization–and I’ll show you blindness.

The solutions, the road out, the way forward are simple, solid, and real. But blindness to them–an unintentional bias–maintains the struggle.

This blindness comes from adherence to beliefs about the world, others, and self that

  • may have worked or served you in the past,
  • have stopped working, and
  • have started obstructing.

Proving to yourself that you hold such beliefs and then changing these beliefs can be tough because they feel part of you, of your identity. Thus the blindness.

Note: neither I nor anyone else can tell you what to believe. Treat with high suspicion any belief I or others proffer. But we can help you unearth the often subtle beliefs that have stopped working and help you select ones that you can prove to yourself do work.

The blinding beliefs that cause one person’s or organization’s struggle are unique to them. And there are common themes. More about these themes soon.

Meanwhile, in what area are you or your organization struggling, a little or a lot? What might be a belief holding this struggle in place?

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