Meaningful, Fulfilling Work

What does it take to have meaningful, fulfilling work?

Many experts say you must know and follow your passion. Yes. Passion is important. But, as you probably suspect, it is not enough.

Here’s what you really need. Your ideal work must

  • Use your Talents What are you really good at?
  • Engage your Passions What drives, motivates, or excites you?
  • Meet your needs, wants, and desires. What do you need in order to feel good, whole?
  • Contribute to satisfying other people’s needs, wants, and desires that you find interesting.

The intersection of these four areas is called your SweetSpot™. When you work in your SweetSpot, you have the meaning, clarity, and impact you want. When you are outside your SweetSpot, you struggle more.

How close are you to your SweetSpot? How close do you want to be?


To your continued success,


P.S. Organizations have SweetSpots, too.  How close is your organization to its SweetSpot?

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