What Do You Want?

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In career, business, relationships, and health–in areas large and small–we sometimes struggle to get what we want. When we struggle, there is often–oddly–one major and overlooked cause: we have not satisfactorily defined what we actually want. Instead, we act out of habit chasing, at worst, whatever will temporarily relieve the tension or, at best, vague […]

Why Organizations Fail – Another Symptom

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In the previous post, I said that organizations often fail because they are focused on the wrong things.  Symptoms include people arguing over how something gets done, who decides things, and when things get done. Here is a related symptom of the same problem: protracted arguing over which ideas, projects, strategies, and investments should be […]

Why Organizations Fail

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Organizations often fail because they focus on the wrong things. When you see any group (leadership team, functional team, sports team, board, entire organization, family, etc.) stuck and bickering, power struggling, or getting lost in the minutiae, they are likely focused on how something should be done, who does or decides what, and when these […]

The Four Lenses of Success

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Success for you or your organization is simple. You need only look through four lenses described below to see where you have trouble and where you can focus. These lenses act as both a road map to success and a diagnostic. Lens What’s needed for success Signs of trouble What A clear, complete, common, and […]

Resistance to Discipline

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So, have you built your system of lists yet? Have you adopted more than one of the seven Effectiveness Habits yet? No?! I’m shocked. Actually, I’m not shocked.I expected you to find it hard if not impossible to add these time management/effectiveness tools to your life. Here’s why… Most of us will resist new procedures […]