Meaningful Work and Money

Meaningful work and money are not mutually exclusive. Not by a long shot.

Having all the money you want is part of the definition of meaningful work for you and/or your organization. It’s called the SweetSpot™.

We just have to work on your likely “yeah, but…” here: “Yeah, but, it’s hard or impossible to find that ideal role, market, career, or strategy that has both money and meaning.” That’s so not true.


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2 thoughts on “Meaningful Work and Money

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Mike, although everyone weights the components of the Sweet Spot differently (as you have pointed out). For some, money (and all the things money can bring, like social status, control over personal environment, etc) overwhelms the other components. Perhaps the problems arise when individuals think that there is one universal sweet spot that everyone should be in.

    1. Hi Jay,

      A few people’s SweetSpots are very focused on making money. And that is fine. It is their talent and passion; it fulfills. When we witness people being out of balance around making money, we are seeing people who are not paying attention to a critical component of their SweetSpot: their own needs, wants, and desires.


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