Invest in Good Thoughts

Effectiveness Habit #2 is titled “Feel good. Then act.” This habit reminds us that taking action when you feel bad leads to less than optimal results. Part of the reason: in a low-energy, bad-feeling state, your opinions about the world and yourself will distract you from what you want.

For example, consider thoughts like “I am too busy. I am not any good at this. I always struggle with X. Others will criticize me for Y.” They feel bad.
And what about thoughts that say you are smart, capable, kind, worthy, contributing, loving, and loved? They feel good, ya?

Which set of thoughts, if you thought them, would get you closer to the results you want? Which ones would distract you more?

Right. Think the good ones.

To your continued success,


PS: I think the thoughts about you being smart, capable, kind, etc, are more accurate, aren’t they? Heck, yeah!

PPS: Thinking the good thoughts is easier than you imagine. And investing in that kind of thinking pays off huge dividends.

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