Unclog Your Effectiveness System
Unclog Your Effectiveness System

Unclog Your Effectiveness System

We can clog our Effectiveness Systems by dumping too much into them. Our systems become too hard to work if they are clogged. Here are three things you can ban from your System to keep it running well:

  1. Quick stuff. No need to capture a doable (i.e. a next step or a to do) that takes 2 minutes or less to complete. You are better off just doing it than taking the time to track it in your System.
  2. History. Don’t worry about having your System track what you have already done. Unless you need to keep a record of certain work for, say, billing, let your Effectiveness System focus on now and the future.
  3. Guilt. Resist the temptation to put anything into your System just because you feel that you should. These include the not-very-interesting article or link someone sent, the conversations that you have been cc’d on and that require no action from you,  and anything that is not something you want to do now, delegate, do in the future, or refer to later.


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PS: Keepin’ it clean, y’all.


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