Move to a New Field

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Who says that you cannot move to a new field or industry because you only have experience in your current field? Plenty of people make that kind of move. Yes, when you move into a new field, there are technical aspects you need to learn. And you bring with you all your talents (e.g. your […]


Your Loosely Organized Career

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Sometimes we underplan our career. We float, wander, take the first offered opportunity, then take the next offered opportunity, etc. We end up feeling lost as if our career has sort of just happened to us. Sometimes we overplan our career. We say we will take Job A to get us to Job B in […]

No Mystery

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Good business strategies and good career strategies are neither difficult nor mysterious. They share the same features. Your career or business strategy will be strong and meaningful if they employ a unique constellation of talents, yours or your business’s engage your or your business’s values and passions satisfy your needs, wants, or desires or those […]