What Does Your Personal Indicator Say?

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Pause a moment. What physical sensations do you notice in response to this question: “If you could live the life and career of your dreams, what would it feel like?”

Common feelings people report here include a buzz, tingling, warmth, lightness, or sensations of relief, release, or calm. They notice these sensations in their chest, belly, or pelvis, down their arms or legs, up their back, neck, or head, across their shoulders, or into their fingers and toes.

Whatever you feel is your personal indicator–like a GPS–telling that you are on track. When you feel this feeling of yours, you are thinking and heading in the right direction.

What’s really amazing is that you can turn it around. If you pause to generate this feeling, you shift your thinking then your actions back in the direction of your dreams.


In your corner,


PS: How can you generate this feeling? Simple: go back and ask yourself that question again.

PPS: “Nothing” or bad feelings like tension or weight are other common feelings people report. This is our personal indicator that we are bumping into a habit of thought about how impossible it is to live a dream life or career. Try writing down even a few elements of what would be your dream. Then ask yourself that question again.

PPPS: You may have noticed: living a dream life or career may or may not be possible. It’s not the point, really. The point is all the joy and success that are available to us now and every instant along the way.


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