Semper ad Meliora

If we find ourselves scattered, drained, overwhelmed, or bored, we rather likely have lost track of our mission. Defaulting instead to what we think others expect from us, is it any wonder that we are feeling low?

Make a short list of what do you most want in your work and life. Why is each item important or compelling? How important is each item to you? (Hint: if it’s not a 10 out of 10, why is this on your “most wanted” list?) How would each item improve how you live, your personal happiness, growth, and freedom, and your ability to change things or help others?

Keep iterating your answers to these questions until they are clear and compelling. For now, set aside any concern about how to get what you want. Let yourself feel the excitement of it and watch for “shoulds” that will get in the way.

Once you’ve established your mission, go back and look at how you might start to accomplish each. Notice how things shift from show stoppers to mere problems to solve.


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