Sometimes we compete on price not value. Sometimes we attribute the basest of motivations to others and similarly justify our own slide. Sometimes, when we notice what others are doing, we withhold, we protect, we do the minimum, we go through the motions, we complain. Sometimes we race to the bottom where we all lose.

Such races are neither required nor inevitable. We race there out of habit and out of fear.

We can also race to the top where we all win. We can engage, give with no need for return, lean in, teach, lend a hand, and compete on value and love. We race here when we remember how great it feels, how very real problems melt away, and how all the benefits arise from simply participating.


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PS: Wanna race?

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2 thoughts on “Race

  1. Good one, Mike. In fact the whole series on broad theme of human interactions is excellent. On this particular item, I wonder how we can get kids to see this? We have 3 and one is right onto it, one is at the exact opposite pole, and one is sometimes on and sometimes not. I’ve wondered sometimes if it isn’t genetic!

    1. Hi Jay,

      Whether by Nature or Nurture, our kids end up with their own ways of looking at the world and themselves in the world. Some of their perspectives will serve them. Some will not. Some we can influence; some only experience will influence. Our best bet for influencing them is modeling. Next best is dialogue where you and they feel as peers. Next best is a listening parent. Least effective but still a bit valuable is a telling parent.


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