You Can Handle Anything

When we are worried or angry, we are anticipating that something we don’t want–some threat–might happen. Pause to verify this for yourself: notice something you are currently worried or angry about. Five will get you ten that what you noticed is in the future.

As we anticipate, we go on the defensive or the offensive. We get ready, we gird ourselves. We emotionally “raise shields.” We try to work out in our heads how it will happen and what we will do in response.

This girding drains our energy in the lead up to whatever we’re anticipating. In turn, this draining diminishes our natural creative ability to solve problems before and as it happens, if it happens.

We need not waste that energy or ability. With a bit of practice, we can acknowledge then set aside our worry and anger. We can trust that we will respond well if and when what we fear might happen does happen. We can relax knowing that even if we screw it up somehow, we can go back and fix it.

In the moment, you can handle anything.


In your corner,


PS: I find it effective to flip a worrisome or angry thought with this thought: “I can handle anything (in the moment, as it happens, if it happens).” Give it a try.

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