First Things


Alarm, snooze, alarm, leap, shower, shave, eat, coffee-coffee, go, go, go.

Rushing headlong into your day is a great way to remain stressed, locked in firefighting mode, and struggling to focus on your most important work. If you find it tough to get out in front of your tasks, look to how you begin your day for some relief. Spend as little as 3 minutes first thing each morning on something rejuvenating.

Try this: commit today to building a new “first things” habit. You might lie in bed for a few moments and think about the things you celebrate in your life. You can do some simple yoga streches. Try watching your breath in mediation. Sing.

Do something each morning that lifts your spirits and watch your stress, struggle, and firefighting fade.


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2 thoughts on “First Things

  1. Thanks Mike. I can tell you that even a short time in the morning doing yoga or meditation can be a real game changer. My sanity depends on my morning yoga.

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