What Are You Saying?

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If you say that your endeavor won’t succeed, it won’t. If you say, “I hope it succeeds but really fear it won’t,” it won’t. If you say, “I would want this to succeed but I can’t see how it could,” it won’t.

On the other hand, you could say, “I am excited about this project. When I imagine it completed, it feels good. The next step is right there and it is simple,.” Saying those things, would you be more or less open to the opportunities that appear? Would you be more or less influential with the people who can help you help you?


So, what are you saying?


In your corner,



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mind your head

Why Wouldn’t You?

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What if every thought was a self-fulfilling prophecy? What if every notion, judgment, or idea you had would eventually become a reality?

If it was true but you were not aware of it, your life might appear sort of random. Positive, good-feeling thoughts about what you want and negative, yucky-feeling ones about what you don’t want would average out somewhere. Life might appear to hover generally around some set point of success and happiness.

If you became aware of it, you’d probably commit to moving your thoughts more and more towards the good-feeling side. And you’d soon notice that set-point of your life’s success and happiness rising.

Wouldn’t you?


In your corner,



PS: And if it was not true that every thought was a self-fulfilling prophecy, would there be any harm in believing it anyway?


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Self-Imposed Limits

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What if all limits to success were self-imposed?

We might think, “Yeah, but I’ve been trying to get past my limits for ages and they just don’t seem to go away.” We might also say, “Yeah, but it’s really not me. It’s others who limit me. Their junk gets in the way!”

Of course, these thoughts are just limits–further examples of how we restrict ourselves.

So what would you do if you could drop your self-imposed limits?


In your corner,



PS: Yeah, I thought you might say that. Sounds like fun.  Better get busy, then.  Need any help?


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Look for the Shortcuts

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I wonder what William Blake meant when he said

“The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.”

Here’s one interpretation: “What you believe to be true is true; you can rock any set of beliefs.”

If you believe you need to get an MBA to succeed, then you do. If you think that your company’s culture is poisonous, then it is. If you are certain that you must exercise 5 times per week to stay healthy, then you do.

If you believe that this pill will cure you, this chemical will make you ill, you are no good at sales, your colleagues are bores, this line of inquiry is useless, you are great at your job, your life isn’t working, the Internet is a force of good, your marketing program will work, you can, you can’t…or the opposites of these things…then they/you will/won’t/are/are not/can/cannot.

As far we can tell, no matter which path you take–based on whichever beliefs you use–you will succeed.

Sometimes, though, you can take a shortcut by choosing a new belief.


Look for the shortcuts.


In your corner,

(your fellow persistent fool)

Simply Said

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As I’ve been known to say, success is simple. And there are several ways to describe how to have success simply. Here’s one of my faves.

Do what you can to add joy, freedom, and growth to your life and others lives.

Careful, now. If you’re tempted to think you cannot do this in your present situation, think again. You SO can.

In your corner,


What’s In The Way?

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You can remove obstacles to success once you see them.

This simple diagnostic will uncover most every obstacle. It works for both you and your business. Just answer these questions.

  • What is your clear, compelling (and if we’re taking about your business, your commonly-understood) goal?
  • Who is helping me (us)? How am I (are we) helping them? Do you and they agree you are both winning in this partnership?
  • Do you know you will succeed?
  • Are you pushing yourself (yourselves) hard? Are you avoiding tasks? Are you struggling?

All Play! Let’s try something different today. If you are willing, reply online to this post with your answers to these questions and what you think your answers imply. I’ll look over what you write and reply with some ideas to help. Since you will be posting on a public website, please leave out people’s names and companies’ names.

Go for it!


In your corner,


You May Need to Change

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Ways that worked for you in the past may have stopped working. Some of the tools, ideas, approaches, and attitudes that got you to this place in your business or career may no longer be effective. You are in a different environment now. And you are different–much more capable–now, too.

Here are some common ways that people use even when these ways do not work anymore:

  • “I can make anything happen if I work long and hard enough.”
  • ” I can and should do it on my own. It doesn’t count if I get help.”
  • “My job as leader is to drive others. Criticism, competition, and pressure are my main tools.”
  • “When things start to look bad, I turn on the charm.”
  • ‘Ignore it and it will take care of itself.”
  • “Avoid confrontation, criticism, and risk.”
  • “I have to prove myself.”
  • “It’s best if I hide my light and play small.”

How can you tell if you are relying on old ways that no longer work? Easy. Something in your career or business will be stubbornly stuck. And it will feel bad.

So, you may need to change.


In your corner,