The Wise Manager

The new manager asks or tells people what to do and wonders, “Why won’t they do what I want?” Telling louder or […]

You Gotta Tell ‘Em

Needing to deal with poor behavior from someone (especially when it’s consistent) is actually our second problem. Our first problem is telling […]

Management vs. Leadership

Management is what we do to get people to act as we want them to in an organization. It includes the title, the position, […]

what have you done?

How Managers Evaluate

There is a world of difference between, “I’m not sure about him. He’s doing a bad job.” and, “That was an error. […]

the leader of the sunflowers

Great Managers

Great managers at all levels value and build people, because everyone wins when each person on the team does well, systems, so that […]


This is What a Manager Does

What is the job of a manager? Conventional wisdom says that managers hire and fire, assign work, coordinate work across the team and […]


Cursed Human Resources

We are still cursed with the Industrial Age concept of Human Resources. Despite wonderful shifts over the past half century–created by great people […]