Clear and Compelling

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One important part of success is having a clear, compelling focus, mission, or goal. We as leaders unwittingly stumble here because it’s a far-from-trivial task. We frequently end up running without a focus or, if we have one, it’s not clear or it’s not compelling. If we ask ten people, “What are we up to? […]


The Guilty, Dark Side of Goals

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Goals help. We know that setting a goal focuses our efforts and greatly increases the chances of getting our desired outcomes. But goals have a guilty, dark side. Because we know that day-to-day troubles and whims can distract us, we commit to achieving our goals, no matter what. We then proceed to turn our goals into realities. Something happens along […]

When We Can’t Commit to a Goal

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One of the four main ingredients of success–for ourselves or our organizations–is having clear, compelling goals. And despite knowing this, we often avoid committing to such goals. One reason for this is that we see the goal as a prison. What if we commit to a goal and then, later, realize a better option? We […]



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You may set Large, Nutty, Impossible Goals for yourself, as long as they feel good. They can help you generate surprising and welcome successes. Tempting as it may be, you cannot set such goals for others, though. That would be outrageous. Setting goals for others only fosters resistance, feigned helplessness, disengagement, and distraction. They may […]