Is there an ultimate answer to the question, “Why?” Are life, the universe, and everything teeming with meaning? Or is it all particles and waves that randomly bash about guided by a few basic rules? Do our answers these questions do anything practical for our work, life, and happiness?


Regardless of which way we see things, we all ache for meaning. Without it, we suffer distractions and loss. When we have it, we thrive. And our organizations thrive when there is a clear, compelling meaning in our work. As leaders, part of our job is to steward this clear, compelling meaning.

The very good news is that we, as people and in organizations, get to choose. It turns out that whatever we say is meaningful is meaningful.


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PS: Even if we think life is random particles and waves, we are choosing meaning. When we declare, “There is no meaning,” we make “no meaning” our clear, compelling meaning. And it can be just as fulfilling as choosing love, capitalism, unicorns, wealth, health, service, or cheesecake to be our meaning.


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