Quick Return to Calm Excitement

When we have let our Effectiveness System lapse or if we never really got it started, we need a way to launch ourselves toward the calm excitement we desire.

Try this:

On a single sheet of paper, write down the things that are top of mind that you would like to get done in the next two to four weeks. Leave some space to one side so you can add notes.

Now go through and mark which of those things will take more than one step to complete.

Go through those things that will take more than one step and write down the very next step for each.

Then put this title at the top of the page: “Back burner.” You have just chosen to do none of these things.

Now pick the  number one thing you will do today and the top 5 things you will get done this week. Flip the paper over and list these things you have just chosen to do.

This method is s quick way to kickstart your system and get (back) to calm excitement.

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