Productive. Seriously?


In my life, I just wait and watch. I know that the decision will be made in its own time, so I let go of when, where, and how.

– Byron Katie

The sages tell us that we will become really productive when we stop making decisions and watch decisions make themselves. And when we stop making things happen, we will see all manner of good stuff get done.

I know. I can hear you saying, “Seriously? What are those sages on? Can we legitimately expect this notion to work and for us to become really productive?” Yes. Yes, we can.

It’s a trick of feeling. Stressing over all we have to do feels bad. So does any form of worry about the future or regret about the past. If we feel bad, we are thinking about what’s wrong or what could go wrong. This compels us to take actions that push at or avoid the problem. That is effortful and tends to attract resistance from others.

If we feel good, we are thinking about what could go right. This puts us in a flow where, not distracted by all our worry, we effortlessly select and complete the next best actions and decisions. Others, noticing our flow, jump in to help because it feels good to them to participate.


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PS: Some sages, the Taoists, call this approach wu wei.

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