Tough Assignment

tough assignment

You can recover from disaster. The worst situations can be salvaged. You can transform what looks dark, dreary, hopeless, or chaotic. You can be that leader (with or without the title) who makes change happen. Here’s the formula: have a clear and compelling description of what you want to create instead, engage all-who-matter in win-win, do things one small step at a time, and cultivate that quiet knowing that you will succeed.

It’s a tough assignment, to be sure. It would be far easier if others had done their jobs, if we were in charge, if the markets were kinder, if we were cleverer about these things, if those other people weren’t so how-they-are.

If it had been easier, others would have done it already.


In your corner,


PS: For those of you saying, “Who, me?”: yes, yes, yes! You.

Today’s photo credit: dullhunk via photopin cc

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