Our Should Engine and Our Freedom Engine

It’s like we have two engines inside us: our Should Engine and our Freedom Engine. Both mostly operate without us being aware of them. Our Should Engine pumps out evaluations, judgments, and “shoulds” (“You should be more organized. You should be nicer. You should…”). It thinks its job is to get us to do all the things people have told us we have to do. Our Freedom Engine pumps out excuses, curses, and distractions (“Can’t. No way you ^&%$#@, you can’t make me. Ooh, YouTube!”), It thinks its job is to get you to break out and away, be yourself, and live life your way.

For some of us, one engine dominates. But for all of us they constantly fight each other. Hear them chugging away? And we’re left (some or a lot) tired, lost, and frustrated.

Happily, once we are aware of them, we can quiet these engines and redirect our energies more toward what we want to.


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Today’s photo credit: Tony Armstrong cc

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