We Do Not Need More “Do”


We and our organizations are so often in a rut of doing. Do, do, do. Yes, people tell us we need to slow down, to delegate, to relax, and to create some balance. But when all we have is a hammer, we make everything seem like a nail. Our hammer–our seeming only tool–is called Do. Do, do, do. We wonder things like, “OK. What do I need to Do to relax and slow down?”

What we need is not more Do. We need more tools in out toolkit. Three others, in fact, would make all the difference. They are, What, We, and Can.

Use the What tool to set a clear, compelling, and commonly understood goal. This is the tool of reflection and strategy.

Knowing we can’t do anything meaningful without other people, the We tool helps us attract and work win-win with all who matter. This is the tool of collaboration and partnership.

The Can tool helps us set our minds away from thoughts that hinder and toward thoughts help. Our thoughts are much more powerful than any amount of Do. This is the tool of strong “inner games” and quiet confidence.

With these tools in place, Do finally does relax and becomes the tool of flow and easy accomplishment. And that is my wish for you.


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: koschi via photopin cc

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