Feel Good Despite
Feel Good Despite

Feel Good Despite

Have you noticed how others can set our mood? If another person is having a bad day, we can take it on, a little or a lot. We might start feeling as they do. Or we might react negatively to something they are feeling. Either way, we have let them decide whether or not we feel good.

This happens, to be sure, with people we are close to: spouses, kids, parents, bosses, peers, employees. It can also happen with strangers we pass on the street. And the mood of people in every form of media also can knock us off our game.

We can replace the habit of taking on others moods with a new habit. Let’s call this habit, “feel good despite.” Catch yourself when you feel bad after an encounter with another. No matter what they are feeling or doing, you can select a thought that feels even just a tiny bit better (any thought that feels better will do).

Then you will feel better and others will benefit from being around you.


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PS: Thoughts of criticism or blame toward the other person won’t feel good. If you catch yourself thinking thoughts like these, try thoughts like, “They are doing the best they can; we all are,” “They so get to have that opinion,” “What they think of me is really none of my business,” or “Peace.”

PPS: Of course, if another person is feeling good, we can let that feeling affect us all we want.


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