Monumental Goals Only Look Scary


Committing to a monumental goal is a fast route to success…if we can get past the fear. Monumental goals seem scary because we cannot see how to possibly achieve them.

But that’s the point. If we can see how to get there, then it’s an incremental not a monumental goal.

When we commit to something that is just this side of impossible, we are agreeing to open ourselves to the new people, approaches, and insights that will get us there.


In your corner,


PS: Scary? It only seems that way because we haven’t done it before. Taking everything a step at a time, we can do it, whatever it turns out to be.

PPS: We can select a monumental goal by choosing something that is 10 times larger than we normally would have chosen. If we end up only at 8 or 5 or 3 times larger, it is still worth it, yes?


Today’s photo credit: Amy Meredith cc

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