Cast A Narrow Net


We may think that casting a wide net is best. That is, we look for jobs, clients, employees, markets, and other opportunities in as many places and industries as possible. “The more places I look, the better chance I have of finding something,” we say.

But wider nets paradoxically make our job harder. Wide nets turn up far more duds to sift through. Others find it difficult to help us because “any and all would do” doesn’t paint a picture. Nothing clicks to remind them of people or situations they know that could help us.

With a narrow net–a focus on one place or industry that resonates with our interests and values–we go deeper, become experts, and build strong networks of like minded people. We know what to say. People begin to expect to see us here. And others can better help us because our specific descriptions remind them of people and situations they know.

Stick to your niching.


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: UlyssesThirtyOne cc

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