Don’t Look Back

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The sages tell us that all our power is in the present. Any time we spend regretting, blaming, or trying to figure out stuff in the past will more likely distract us than help us. Don’t worry about repeating mistakes. We’ve already learned what we could. Set it aside. The future’s calling.   In your […]


Struggling with Something? C’mon Back

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Struggle means getting caught in a do-have loop. Whenever we are struggling with a problem, we are most assuredly doing things over and over in an effort to have the results we think we want. “I’ll do this in order to have that. Oh, that didn’t work? I’ll do this other thing to have that other […]


Nobody says “Do successful”

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“The trick to being successful is to be successful.” Nobody ever says, “Do successful.” Yet most of the time we think, “If I do this, that, and the other thing and then I’ll be successful.” “Do” so rarely leads to “be.” Starting with the “doing” is like taking the looooooooooooooooooooong way ’round the mountain. Instead, […]