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Hell Is Not Other People

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Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote (and others infamously misinterpreted), “Hell is other people.” He meant that it’s awful to restrict our understanding of ourselves to what others think of us. Actually, any restricted perception is awful. Thus hell includes our restricted perception of the world as harsh, ugly, unknowable, dangerous, lonely, uncaring, and riddled with scarcity. […]

The Magic and the Mundane

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Like a well-trimmed sailboat, we best balance on the edge between all magic and all mundane. Seeking to be all magic defeats the purpose of this game we call life. It’s like getting the cheat codes. No challenge. No growth. No fun. Seeking to be all mundane invites lots of (oh, so much!) struggle. Blending […]



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Leaders (with or without title) face this conundrum every day: how to get the right stuff done. Controlling or trying to making things happen are great ways to generate resistance to what we want.  Avoiding and protecting might seem like good alternatives but they are only other forms of trying to control. These all are […]

Ego Goes

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Whenever our day or life seems sucky, there’s a good chance that we have gotten tripped up by ego. The solution is not to tame or suppress our egos but to shift our perspective about what ego really is. We attribute to our ego all sorts of flaws. We give it the basest motivations. It […]


Enough with the Calculus of Fate

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When we look to the future, most of us have very little idea about what we actually want.  If pressed, we mention some generic notions like  having more money, more success, more time, better relationships, or staying healthy. Oddly, we actually resist getting specific. We kick up “yeah, buts”  like, “What if I dream of […]


A Gentle Reminder to All Travelers

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Welcome! Welcome aboard this journey to the rest of your life. We are so happy you are here. As you settle in, look about and see what you’d like to achieve next. You have many things to choose from. Many of our guests are shocked to realize how many possibilities exist for them. You can […]


A Secret to Life

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There is a secret to life. And the poets and other artists know it! Who’d have guessed, eh? They really want us to know it, too. But it’s hard to pick out exactly what they mean. I could be wrong but I think it is something like “you are the imaginer,” “it’s all a wonderful […]

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You Have a Mission

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You have a mission. No matter how young or old you are, it’s inside you and aching to be realized. Even in the face of your fears, doubts, and uncertainties, it asks you to be that man or that woman who stands and chooses again and again to give it life. Yes, it is both […]

To Lead a Great Life

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One way is to be what’s expected of you. That may mean playing small. Or it may mean striving to measure up or even to be better than. Another way is to be more and more of what and who you are. The former demands from you lots of energy,  focus, and endurance. The latter […]

What Does It All Mean?

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Life, eh? What does it all mean? Why are we here? What’s the purpose? Who am I? Where do I fit in the world, in the galaxy? What is meaningful work? What is success? What makes sense for me, my family, my business/career? These questions just start to scratch the surface of something profound. They seem […]